Organization Execution of overhaul (KP), depot repair (DR) and current repair with a detachment (ТР-2) on specialized car repair enterprises of Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries.

Organization of technical diagnostics of cars for the purpose of extension of service life, followed by planned repairs on the territory of Ukraine.

Organization of inspection and registration of acts of inspection of the technical condition of freight cars in accordance with the current normative documents.

Controlling the construction and acceptance-transfer of gondola from manufacturing plants (including, but not limited to: origin of components and history of number hubs and parts, installation of cast parts, body parts, brake and auto-coupling equipment, necessary anti-vandal modernization in accordance with current standards, etc. .)

Organization of the preparation of loading cars (TP-1) at its own repair base or in the conditions of specialized car-repair enterprises.

Preparation of documents and organization of the introduction (change) of data on their own freight wagons in the PBX.

Organization of visual inspection of the completeness and technical condition of the parts of the body of the chassis, brake and auto-coupling equipment; measuring the thickness of the crests and rims of the wheelset, photophixation of wagons, knots and parts.

Census of numbered parts actually installed on the carriage (wheel pairs, side frames, overhead beams) with indication of factory numbers, producer factory codes, year of issue, etc.


Checking of number parts (wheel pairs, cast parts of a trolley, brake devices) for the subject of belonging to the owner on the basis of GІОЦ UZ or IEC ZH

Organization of capital repairs of wheel pairs with the change of elements

Development and preparation of load diagrams (NTU) with further approval and approval in the Regional branches of "Ukrzaliznytsya"

Organization of installation and follow-up of GPS trackers on wagons and locomotives

Provision of information and analytical services for checking the GІОЦ UZ in the part of the Passport of the wheel coupling, the passport of the car